My Projects

TheeBotTS is my most recent Discord bot. It allows users to utilize chat commands to play music from SoundCloud in voice channels. TheeBotTS is a testament to my first year of university and me learning about Object Oriented Programming and Type Safety. Since I started making bots in 2018, I’ve deleted and re-written more bots than I can count with each iteration improving upon the programming techniques and features of the last. I was learning so fast that by the time I finished writing one bot, I would look back at the code, know that I can do a far better job with my newfound knowledge and start re-writing it. Not all of my bots are publicly available on GitHub due to me deleting many of them as I wasn’t proud of my work however I have publicized one of my older bots, Admo.

My father recently started a small business called Body & Soul Healing NZ. I created the website for his business using Cloudron, WordPress and many other tools I had never used before along with setting up an email server so that he could have a custom business email address. When I started creating the website I told my dad that an online store wouldn’t be possible due to my lack of experience in the field but no more than a few months later I had the site up and running and even recorded it’s first sale thanks to a third party plugin that took the burden of taking payments out of my hands. This is a testament to my adaptability when it comes to learning new things and understanding tools I have never used before.

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